Forward Plastics are excited to announce the launch of our free Return for Recycling Programme.

From 1st September 2018, we will pick up all used Forward Plastics made/supplied containers from our customers, for recycling at either our recycling partners, or in-house.

Here at Forward Plastics, we’re serious about sustainability, and are always looking for opportunities to raise the standard and lead the way.
Are you aware that recycled plastic can be used to make new bottles and containers and items such as drain flow, timber-look plastic decking, building products , among many other products?

In our continued effort to “close the loop” and move toward a circular economy, in cooperation with our recycling partners and along with our own in-house recycling programmes, we have developed our new service to pick up our customers post-consumer customer-returned bottles and containers completely free of charge* so we can re-process the plastic back into material for making new products.

We have a number of options dependant on the type of product you would be returning to us. These could range from providing you with a bin which is picked up monthly or picking up palletised product in the case of large containers. We would work with you to customise the solution that works best for you. Your recycling solution could be only a phone call away!

* Recycling pick-ups are free of charge in our Auckland delivery area. Areas outside our Auckland delivery area are negotiable.

We would love to talk to you more about this and get you on-board with our new service – please contact us for further information and to see how we can further close the loop.